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Limited Edition Red Vinyl, Screamin' Rebel Angels Hitch Hike
Limited Edition Red Vinyl, Screamin' Rebel Angels Hitch Hike


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Screamin' Rebel Angels Bio

Screamin’ Rebel Angels are a Rock ‘n Roll force of nature hailing from Brooklyn, NY, fronted by the dynamic soul-shouting, blues beltin’, sweet purring of vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Laura Rebel Angel, paired with the blistering, stratospheric lead guitar of Brian “Bobo” Hack. Their head-turning, jaw-dropping performances are untamed adventures that invoke the primitive energy of early Rock ‘n Roll and Rockabilly, and emotion of 1950s Rhythm & Blues and Soul.
Those new to the band are stunned by the power and energy of the group, as if witnessing the resurrection of rock and roll, stirring within them the raw, primitive passions which first electrified audiences at the genre’s inception. They are a force that has been igniting a musical blaze around the worldwide roots rock ‘n roll scene, and gaining a momentum that is cementing their unmistakable sound and authenticity -which is pure Rock ‘n Roll Revival. 


New York, NY (June 12th, 2013) – “HITCH HIKE” is the debut full-length album from Brooklyn based band Screamin’ Rebel Angels, the female fronted combo whose raucous rock and roll revival captures the soul of rock, rockabilly, ‘50s rhythm and blues, country twang and even ‘60s Yé- Yé, with a raging sound all their own. 

HITCH HIKE is that rare album that harnesses a band’s live intensity, and in the case of Screamin’ Rebel Angels, this means an all-out soul-grabbing frenzy.  From its opening rockabilly rager “Sizzle” to its no-holds-barred closer “Saved,” this dance-inducing, gut twisting album offers twelve tracks of unbridled excitement that reveals the strong song-writing talents and musicianship that has turned into the unique sound and fury of Screamin’ Rebel Angels.

Screamin’ Rebel Angels consider HITCH HIKE their strongest work to date. While employing the framework of established genres, their songs express emotions and passions that are both eternal and surprisingly fresh. With the driving garage beat and soaring word play of “Savage Stomp,” the contagious rhythms of “When I’m With You,” and 60’s styled dancer “MayDay”, paired with  the ethereal longings of title track “Hitch Hike” and “My Sweet Boy”, to the smoky New Orleans-style dirge “I Don’t Want To Fight,” this album is the sound of rock 'n roll revival.

This album was recorded independently in 100% analog at NY H.E.D. (Lower East Side, NYC) with recording and mixing engineer Matt Verta-Ray (Heavy Trash, Speedball Baby), and was mastered by Ivan Julian (Richard Hell and the Voidoids, The Clash).  Produced by Laura Rebel Angel and Matt Verta-Ray, with ten originals written by lead singer and rhythm guitarist Laura “Laura Rebel Angel” Billard and by lead guitarist Brian “Bobo” Hack, with Sean O’Connell on Drums and Simon Chardiet in the studio on Doghouse Bass.

HITCH HIKE is a rock and roll joyride into sin, speed and salvation--buckle up, baby!


2013: "Hitch Hike"-
Screamin’ Rebel Angels Release their debut 12 song full length album recorded 100% analog on 2” reel to reel tapes at NY H.E.D. (Lower East Side, NYC) with recording and mixing engineer Matt Verta-Ray (Heavy Trash, Speedball Baby), and mastered by Ivan Julian (Richard Hell and the Voidoids, The Clash).

2012:  "Out of This World"- Single release of "Out of This World" burns up the stratosphere with this Gino Washington Classic, layering a sound and intensity of their own that is undeniably now. 

2011: "Pounce Like a Tiger"-The band recorded its debut EP, Pounce Like a Tiger 2011, soon followed (May 2012) by a video for the song “Right to Wrong,” a country-flavored rocker.  Like many of their songs it conveys a variety of emotions—pathos, glory, empowerment and above all a cathartic release of primitive rock and roll energy. 


Laura Rebel Angel: Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Upright Bass, Violin, Keys
Brian "Bobo" Hack: Lead Guitar
Phill Lentz: Drums
Daniel Pena: Upright Bass

Additional Touring and Studio Band Family:
Upright Bass: Dennis Caserta, Simon Chardiet, Fanthomas, Tony Slash, Johnny Carlevale, Yoni Benshlomo
Drums: Seanzi, Kat DaVille, Aaron Latos, Snake, Kevin Hudson, C-Roll, Ed, Bobby Moller
The Rebellettes: Gospel Vocals and Backings Mary Colbert and Elizabeth Aylsworth
Baritone Sax: Daniel Stampfel


Short List of Venues:
The Grand Ballroom at Webster Hall, NYC
The Stone Pony, Asbury Park, NJ
Grammercy Theater, NYC
The Bowery Ballroom, NYC
The Knitting Factory, NYC
The Bell House, NYC
Public Assembly, NYC
Rodeo Bar, NYC
Hill Country BBQ, NYC
The Vex, Los Angeles, CA
Viva Cantina, Burbank, CA
Spikes, Rosemead, CA
Strummers, Fresno, CA
The Blank Club, San Jose, CA
Shore Road Tavern, Philadephia, PA
Roxy 'n Dukes, Dunellen, NJ
The Rambler, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Short List of Festivals and Events
Montreal Rockabilly Festival
The Symco Shakedown
The Psychobilly Luau
The Brooklyn Night Bazaar
The Angel City Stomp
The New England Shake Up
Return To Milltown
Heavy Rebel
The Rumblers Custom Weekend
The Gasket Goons
The Karb Kings
Silver City Cup
Rust Riot
Rockabilly Riot Music Fest

Full Length Debut Album
Out Now!

Hitch Hike by Screamin' Rebel Angels, Rockabilly, Laura Rebel Angel, Screamin Rebel Angels

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